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Culinary Spots in Bandung

Besides being famous for its natural attractions, Bandung is also known for its Culinary Spots in Bandung. Would you like to know about various culinary places that you must visit in Bandung during your holiday? Here’s the review.

Kampung Daun

Kampung Daun resides in Sersan Bajuri Road, that is a culinary place that provides traditional ambiance. This eatery isn’t just spoiling your taste buds, but additionally offers a romantic place throughout the night with warm lighting.

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Rumah Sosis

With a concept of “eat, swim, play,” Rumah Sosis that is located in Setiabudi street offers a place that’s appropriate for family entertainment, especially for families with little kids. Well suited for its name, sausage is the main dish of this eatery.

Roemah Nenek Resto Café

Roemah Nenek Resto Café on Taman Cibeunying Selatan Street Number 47 is a famous culinary place in Bandung. The café has various kind of dishes like poultry tarragon, mushroom rice, and pizza. It also has a very cozy atmosphere.

Cie Rasa Loom Buah Batu

Located in Terusan Buah Batu Street, Cie Rasa Loom is a culinary spot with Mie Aceh as its main menu. This restaurant opens 24-hour and is dominated with red color.

Nasi Kalong

Staying true to its name, Nasi Kalong located on R.E Martadinata Street opens at 7 pm until dusk. This place became the destination for all those are hungry during the night. The most famous menu is black rice completed with more than 20 types of side-dish that you could pick yourself like fried tofu, honey grilled poultry, sautéed green beans, and several others.

Paskal Food Market

Located in Pasir Keliki near Bandung Station, Paskal Food Market has a lot more than 100 food vendors, which range from traditional food a la Bandung to international ones from Japan and Korea. With the alfresco or outdoor concept, you’ll be spoiled by the cool breeze from the city of Bandung accompanied by tasty warm food.

Yogurt Cisangkuy

Residing on Cisangkuy Street Number 85, Yoghurt Cisangkuy is a comfortable hang-out spot with a healthy menu.