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Custom.co.id: A Recommended Badminton Jersey Maker in West Jakarta

Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle become more and more apparent due to the rapid development of technology. People tend to consume high fat foods and exercise less due to the hectic office works. This condition would cause the increasing prevalence of obesity. To counterattack this condition, it is important to start a routine exercise by doing any sport that you like, such as basketball, soccer, badminton, volley, and so on. By increasing the physical activity, you can maintain your health better.

Badminton can be considered one of the most popular sport among people from various groups, including in Indonesia. When you play badminton, equipment is important, such as racket and shuttle cock. However, badminton apparel is just as important as the equipment to support your performance during your game. In custom.co.id, you can choose the materials for your badminton jersey according to your needs so you can play more comfortably during your game. In this badminton jersey maker, there are two types of materials offered. The explanation of each material can be read on the list below:

  • Hivetex: better known as polyester, this cloth has a doff color with slightly more thickness, not transparent, follow your body line, soft and octagonal porous texture, and high absorption ability, allowing the material to absorb your sweats effectively.
  • Microfiber: this materials is a mix of nylon, spandex, and polyester. It has a doff color, same thickness as hivetex, not transparent, follow your body lone, and porous and soft texture. The porous texture give a cool sensation when you wear it, thus, it is suitable for heavy sports like badminton.

You can use your own design in every area of your badminton t-shirt, if you decide to order in custom.co.id. The minimum order number is not limited in custom.co.id. You can order only one shirt, or even more for your team.

Ordering in custom.co.id is very easy. You just need four steps to place your order. First, choose the product you are willing to order. This company provides a lot of products to help you make your choice. Next, you can upload your design. This company also provides a simulator in case you have difficulties in designing the shirt on your own. After that, confirm your choice and pay according to the amount shown on the system so that the order can be processed. After your order is done, it will be delivered with trusted courier to your home.