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Finding the Best 3D Printer

3D models are increasingly becoming popular and artists and engineers can easily create these multi-dimensional objects using the right technology. More and more industries embrace these designs as the technology becomes more popular. To create these 3D objects one has to make use of specialized printers.

Because there is a huge demand in the market for these printers, the cost of 3D printing materials has also significantly dropped. Manufacturers have released various versions of 3D printers thereby giving consumers more options to choose from. Given the dozens of brand names and models to choose from, how can we simplify the process of choosing the right product for your needs?

Consider some of these factors as basis in your decision making:


Different printers make use of different technologies. The more advanced the technology is, the better the user’s experience is as more and more functionalities are added. Among the most popular technology used in 3D printing is PJP or Plastic Jet Printing. This technology uses successive layers of materials to create an object and give it life. Before shopping for a printer, it is advisable to read around about these printer technologies so you can familiarize the technology that is best for your projects.

Raw Materials

Depending on the printer, the materials to be used for printing may also vary. Not all printers are capable of using all types of printing materials. The majority of 3D printers cannot operate using a wide range of 3D printing materials. Make sure to check what kind of material the printer can use and if you can use your medium in it. Among the common materials for 3D printing include stainless steel, nylon, wood, resin, and polystyrene filament.


Consider the different attributes you are looking for. Some of the most commonly checked attributes include the speed of the printer, its resolution, and the volume it can accommodate. All these attributes will guide you in making the right purchase. As much as possible, find the perfect printer that could match, even exceed your requirements.


Every printer comes with a 3D printing software. You can use this software to make the necessary layout and editing before you print the object or model. With the right software, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your project in terms of size, scale, and even resolution.

Functionalities and Features

No two printers are the same and with every feature and functionality offered, it becomes easier to get the work done. Consider all these functionalities when comparing two printers. Other than the aesthetics, check the different connectivity it offers, its display, and if it’s possible to combine different materials in it.

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