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The Essentials of Phones – The Basics

A Quick Look at the Various Types of Business Phone Systems

In several cases phone calls remain to be the fastest means of commutation between a business and its customers. As such, having a reliable phone system is crucial for any business. Long time back, phone calls were only in analog format. Technology progress has made it possible to have digital and virtual systems. Choosing the best system have increasingly become harder due to the increased options. Private branch exchange or PBX phones systems are phone networks used within a business. The users of the PBX also have some lines capable of external calls. The external phone calls are carried out of the Public switched telephone.

At sometimes back in history, the PBX system was only possible for the large enterprises. In the progress of time, the cost of installation and the running cost has reduced drastically.AThis has opened the window for more enterprises to invest in the same. The basic features of the PBX system include welcome message, call holding, automatic call distribution, call conferencing, a directory of contacts and call records. The features will differ from one system to another. Still, other features are included different phone systems.

There is the traditional PBX system which is analog and is installed as a physical exchange box in the business facility. It may seem to have a higher upfront cost though it reduces drastically with increased ports. A phone box connects all phone lines. If there are issues on the system, they can only be fixed by a certified engineer.Maintiaingin the system is hence expensive. Companies that do have the traditional PBX system often prefer to have their PBX system. The the company is given full control over their hardware. The traditional PBX system can as well serve business with more than one building just like a virtual system.

A second choice is the hosted PBX system. Adding features to this system is very easy as downloading a new plugin for your web browser. The PBX box is hosted by the telephone service provider making it a service solution. They do not require an in-house IT expert to manage the hardware making the best choice for small businesses.

The next choice is the VoIP/IP PBX which delivers video or voice over a data connection. It changes the voice/video into data and sends it over networks as packets of data. Use of networks to send data is a very effective way of reducing the cost of international and distant call. Another benefit is the reduction of the overheads of the traditional line rentals. The IP PBX can switch calls between the traditional phone line and the VoIP without limiting the services of the traditional PBX. The difference with hosted solution is that the business owns the PBX box.

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